Financial Assistance

This past year, SCDA created a new program designed to help survivors of Sickle Cell. A financial assistance program has been implemented by the agency to assist clients with the costs of prescriptions, medical services, rental fees, utilities and other needs.

In order to assist clients financially, clients with Sickle Cell Disease or trait can apply to receive up to $250.00 per calendar year for financial assistance. The program will provide assistance to those living with Sickle Cell who often are burned by the costs of medical care. If you or  someone you know is interested in applying for the program, please review the following information:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Client must have Sickle Cell Disease or Sickle Cell Trait
  • Client must submit a copy of Hemoglobin results along with completed application materials to SCSA Office.
  • Client must submit proof of financial need by showing a copy  of expenses for which assistance is required (electric bill, prescription, lease).
  • Client must submit merchant’s information confirming final cost (The person whom check will be made out to) – Contact person, merchant’s address, and phone number.

Process to Receive Financial Assistance

  • Client will call SCDA office and request application for financial assistance.
  • SCDA employee will send copy of application materials.
  • Client is to return application form, copy of hemoglobin record, and proof of financial expense to SCDA Office.
  • Client will be notified when information is received and information will be given to Board President and Executive Director for review.
  • Client will be notified in 7 – 8 business days of decision.

For more information on the financial assistance program or request a financial assistance packet, please contact Kathleen Hicks at SCDA Office. 817.882.0990.

Or You can simply download it, and mail it to SCDA Tarrant
1350 S. Main, Ste 3600
Fort Worth, TX 76104